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River Club Card activation

For an active membership in River Club you need an activated River Club Card. For any kind of membership card you need to have an invitation from River Club or an active club member, and you have to fulfil the criteria of acceptance of River Club members, and approval from River Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Club Related Questions

  • What is River Club? +

    River Club is one of the most exclusive businessman’s club in Europe. River Club originates an ultimate ground for the absolute best from the energy community and facilitates distinguished discussion, creating new business opportunities along and in correlation with our core activities. River Club is a business club which aims to cultivate a dynamic network of companies with business activity related to exploration, production, generation, commerce, merchant wholesale and transportation. Every member has a common interest in negotiating energy business opportunities.
  • Where is the idea of River Club come from? +

    We experienced that amongst energy sector leaders there is an outmost interest to have a place, where they can exchange ideas and views in a more private and exclusive environment, than the widely existing energy industry gatherings. River Club was founded in 2015 to fulfil this purpose. From the beginning we experience plenty of interest and a supportive environment from highest levels of the energy community. This is already represented by our first members who are the major players of the industry, ranging from the largest energy suppliers through traders to the large consumers, also regulators and policy makers.
  • Where does the name come from? +

    Rivers have been used for trade and navigation for thousands of years, also have been a source of food since pre-history, playing an important role in determining political boundaries. Rivers were the key in the development of regional and global trade. Our name represents our motto, as we originate, no matter if it is business, friendship or common understanding.
  • Who are behind River Club? +

    River Club is operated by an Austrian legal entity, River Commodity GmbH. Owned by energy industry professionals, namely László Siller by majority with more than a decade of experience in energy supply chains, Attila Holoda with decades of energy upstream experience and Péter Nagy with banking professional background, by minority, and partnered by András Jenei with a decade of experience in energy policy.
  • Where does River Club offer services? +

    River Club operates under the Austrian law. River Club offers services only in Austria. River Club is a service of River Commodity GmbH.
  • Where do members originate from? +

    Members are from the global energy scene and they have a common interest doing energy business in Europe.
  • Where is River Club located? +

    In the capital of Austria, Vienna. Until we set up a permanent club house, our core events will be held in The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna.
  • Who can join the club? +

    Companies and organizations with activities related to energy business. The club is not open towards NGO’s and to media affiliates.
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Membership Related Questions

  • How can I become a member? +

    You need to fulfil the initial criteria of membership which is an invitation by River Club and an active club member. Also acceptance of River Club members and approval of River Club is needed. You need to have a signed membership ontract with River Commodity GmbH and you need to pay the fee of your membership category.
  • What is the criteria to become a member? +

    Private persons fulfilling the membership criteria. In general, you need to have an invitation by River Club and an active club member. Also you need to hold the position of President, Prime Minister, Board Member or Minister if you are not an energy business related organization representative. If you are a private person representing an energy company, you need to hold a Chief Executive Officer, Executive Officer, Director, or a high level Management position. Every membership demand is decided case by case.
  • What does the membership provide? +

    The membership provides services which cover meetings and gatherings to create a discrete and collaborative environment in which high level discussion, debate, knowledge sharing and business can flourish. The Club Members have tailored case-specific and secured communication service.
  • Do you have different memberships? +

    Yes, you can learn more in the River Club Card Types brochure. In general, we have set up a company revenue and position based entitlement with revenue categories for each membership category.
  • Do you have honorary membership? +

    Yes, with different categories, of which you can learn more from the River Club Card Types brochure. In general, you need to hold the position of President, Prime Minister, Board Member or Minister to gain free of charge Honorary embership. Every honorary membership demand is decided case by case.
  • How much an Honorary Membership cost? +

    It is free of charge for the first years.
  • What do I need to provide if I am an Honorary Member? +

    You need to provide a publishable name of the member company, have a regular club activity, an active membership and business activity in early years.
  • Do you have discount if my company delegates more than one member? +

    Yes, with different categories, of which you can learn more from the River Club Card Types brochure. In general, the more persons your company delegates, the cheaper is every new membership in every card category. Of course, due to the exclusivity of the club, there is a limitation on the number of company representatives in each category.
  • If I am a speaker do I need to become a club member? +

    Yes, River Club can only be accessed by members. For this reason, we created White Honorary Membership which allows us to decide on a club membership demand case by case, with regards to speakers and external experts.
  • My company revenue allows me only to a lower membership category. Can I upgrade it? +

    Yes, for this reason we have created our Sponsorship Card categories, of which you can learn more from the River Club Card Types brochure.
  • My company revenue allows me only to a higher membership category. Can I downgrade it? +

    No, for this reason we have created our Red Member Card category for your management level colleagues, of which you can learn more from the River Club Card Types brochure.
  • Can different organizational level persons from one company access the club? +

    Yes, for this reasons we created the different membership types and levels. For example, an energy company CEO can gather a Blue to Black Card membership and a gas portfolio manager the Red Card membership.
  • I am a regulator, a TSO or a government body. How can I join the club? +

    You can become an Honorary Member. The type of honorary membership is decided case by case.
  • My company has less than 10 MEUR yearly revenue. Can I still join the club? +

    Unfortunately, no. We take our revenue based entitlement seriously to limit the size of River Club.
  • Can I become a member if I do not want to apply for River Club commercial agent services? +

    Yes, but you need to be an active club member.
  • How can I become a sponsor? +

    You need to pay the sponsorship fee to become asponsor and have a River Club Sponsorship Card. There are different Card types, you can learn more from the River Club Card Types brochure.
  • What are the benefits to become a sponsor? +

    You can become a higher level club member overriding company revenue limitations. You will also gain access to sponsored card type connected services: such as special events, club house, public relations, marketing and communication.
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Transparency and compliance related questions

  • Is the membership public? +

    The membership is confidential to the public, personal and non-transferable. The company name and your name will not be published on our webpage and in any publicly available information. Honorary members align to their special status. If you are an honorary member the company name and your name can be published by River Club. Upon request we can have different, tailored solutions.
  • My organization has a different compliance policy than common. How can I join the club? +

    In general, Chatham House Rule and our Membership Contract answers most of the possible compliance related questions. As our specialty is to have tailored services, in the beginning you can expect flexibility from our side.
  • Can I write an in house report about what has been discussed on a club event? +

    Yes, but with according to the Chatham House Rule, and based on the event white paper.
  • Do you have transparency and privacy rules regarding River Club events? +

    Yes, River Club operates under Chatham House Rule. See etailed description underneath.
  • What is Chatham House Rule? +

    When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
  • How is the Rule used? +

    Chatham House Rule originated at Chatham House with the aim of providing anonymity to speakers and to encourage openness and the sharing of information. It is now used throughout the world as an aid to free discussion. Meetings do not have to take place at Chatham House, or be organized by Chatham House, to be held under the Rule. In River Club all events are held ‘off the record’ in any circumstances.
  • Who uses the Rule these days? +

    It is widely used by local government and commercial organizations as well as research organizations.
  • When was the Rule devised? +

    In 1927 and refined in 1992 and 2002.
  • Should one refer to the Chatham House Rule or the Chatham House Rules? +

    There is only one Rule.
  • What are the benefits of using the Rule? +

    It allows people to speak as individuals, and to express views that may not be those of their organizations, and therefore it encourages free discussion. People usually feel more relaxed if they don’t have to worry about their reputation or the implications if they are publicly quoted.
  • How is the Rule enforced? +

    River Club will take disciplinary action against a member or guest who breaks the Rule; this is likely to mean future exclusion from all institute activities including all activities related to membership. Although such action is rare, the rigorous implementation of the Rule is crucial to its effectiveness and for River Club’s reputation as a trusted venue for open and free dialogue.
  • Is the Rule used for all meetings at River Club? +

  • Can participants in a meeting be named as long as what is said is not attributed? +

    No. River Club members are anonymous towards the public.
  • Can a list of attendees at the meeting be published? +

    No, the list of attendees should not be circulated beyond those participating in the meeting.
  • Can I ‘tweet’ while at an event under the Chatham House Rule? +

  • Will there be any kind of public follow up of any River Club gathering? +

    Yes if the members wish so and they have agreed on the content. River Club can organize and support public relations.
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Event and activity related questions

  • How do members meet in River Club? +

    River Club organizes at least three club events yearly. Special events will be also held, depending on member requests.
  • How many events can I access with my membership? +

    In general, with a membership you can participate the standard events. All other events are invitation based. Invitations are given by other club members, the hosts of the special club events.
  • Where will be the events held? +

    Until we set up our permanent club house, all events will be held in The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna.
  • What is the timeline for a River Club event? +

    On an event day we have two prescheduled presentations, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which are followed by club discussions and club activity. The day closes with a club evening. You can learn more from the River Club Events Guide brochure.
  • Between the two speakers what is the day plan? +

    During this period, members have free time. Club services are open during the day. You can have business meetings, negotiations, lunch, or do some work, as well you can rest or just enjoy Vienna, it is upon you. We can provide support for you.
  • What are the topics of the events? +

    On every event there are specific topics which our speakers will present. This creates the basis for a negotiation and debate, which you can enjoy in a private and secured club environment.
  • Will there be journalists on club events? +

    No, as of today we are not accrediting journalists to our events in any form, to secure the private and discrete environment of the club.
  • Will there be any publicly available information about events? +

    Yes, from the event white paper which members will receive after every event, upon agreement, a tailored agenda of the event will be presented to the press. We believe, that by this we can create enough transparency regarding River Club, which allows the public to be familiar in general with the club’s purpose. Any club member can inform the public about what they have said during a meeting, but without the naming any participant.
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